Dragon RSA Conference 2004 Japan

RSA Conference 2004 Japan

The RSA Conference 2005 Japan will be held in Tokyo at
Tokyo Prince Hotel Park Tower May 12-13, 2005.
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Thank you for joining RSA Conference 2004 Japan!
The total number of attendees: 5,806 (including 1,179 conference attendees)

The RSA Conference 2004 is the most prestigious information security event of the year. It is the must-attend event for organizations that deploy, develop or investigate data security or cryptography products. The RSA Conference brings together IT professionals, developers, policy makers, industry leaders and academics to share information and exchange ideas on technology trends and best practices in identity theft, hacking, cyber-terrorism, biometrics, network forensics, perimeter defense, secure web services, encryption and related topics.

The 3rd annual RSA Conference Japan delivers more learning, networking, and product demonstrations than any other security gathering. You will meet the best and the brightest in the information security industry, both decision makers and technology luminaries. Don't miss this opportunity to learn fresh approaches and develop creative solutions.



The Guardian of Treasures. An Imperial Emblem of Vigilance.

During the 13th century, a patriotic poet, musician, archer, and student of calendrical computation and mathematics named Ch'in Chiu-Shao joined the military to defend his homeland. Like many of his countrymen, he endured years of hardship on the frontier, guarding China from Genghis Khan and invading Mongols. He often escaped the misery of warfare by amusing himself with numbers. In particular, he pondered the Remainder Theorem developed in the late third century by the scholar Sun Zi. Ch’in realized that the Remainder Theorem could be used not only to count large numbers, but to conceal them as well. Thanks to Ch’in’s labors and others after him, the Chinese Remainder Theorem has become a cornerstone of modern public key cryptography.

The Chinese have long revered the dragon as a symbol of immense power and benevolence, an icon of monumental transformation and creative energy. The RSA® Conference 2004 brings the power of the dragon to you by celebrating the mathematical and cryptographic achievements of the ancient Chinese.

About the RSA Conference

2004 marks the 13th year of the RSA Conference, which began as a small gathering of cryptographers in US and is now held in major cities throughout the world. The RSA Conference brings together decision-makers and influencers from all major markets, including consumer, education, financial, government, computer networking, telecommunications, finance and media for one of the industry's premier information security events.
Now in its 3rd year, the RSA Conference Japan delivers the most up-to-date
information not only for IT security professionals, but also for CIOs, CEOs, and government officials. The RSA Conference continues in Tokyo (May 31-June 1, 2004), Europe (November 3-5, 2004) and San Francisco (February 14-18,
For more information, visit the RSA Conference 2004 Web site at

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