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Email Security Conference

Email is becoming the most important tool for enterprise communication in the modern era. However, email systems are under siege by spam and viruses. Email Security Conference is the first event in Japan focusing only on e-mail security and provides the latest information and knowledge to help enterprises protect e-mail system from threads.

Global IP Business Exchange

~ IPv6 brings you opportunity for further business and management innovation. ~
The Global IP Business Exchange is the global market place where emerging IP technology and solutions meet with IT professionals, business innovators and buyers keen to know about emerging technologies. By the Conference and exhibition, visitors are provided and exposed an in-depth exploration and discussion as well as demonstrations of the challenges for industry, its impact on our lives, and also how products, services and technologies fit into the business scene, society and government.

IMC Tokyo

Year by year the convergence between broadcasting and communication has become a reality including digital broadcasting, one-segment broadcast for cell phones, etc. With this change how the content production evolves? Or what kind of content distribution will be needed? More new exciting things are coming. This event will present the appropriate platform to discuss these elements from technical perspectives as well as from business views.

Interop Tokyo

INTEROP is the world's biggest conference and trade show focusing on the interoperability of the network and the Internet. It started in 1986 in the US and it becomes the one and only practical event in the world. In Japan it started in 1994 as the 5 days conference and 3 days trade show with the exhibition network called "ShowNet" which shows the latest networking technology in live.


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is becoming the fourth generation of lighting technology but it contains the big opportunity beyond lighting. itself. Japan and Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea are the biggest provider of LEDs for all over the world. LEDEX is the first and business oriented event platform for this market in Japan serving for the world. This event includes the deep content conference consisting of technology, market and applications and the trade show.

RSA Conference Japan

The annual RSA Conference Japan delivers more learning, networking, and product demonstrations than any other security gathering. You will meet the best and the brightest in the information security industry, both decision makers and technology luminaries.

VoiceCon Tokyo

VoiceCon, now in its 15th year, is the industry's leading enterprise voice and IP technology conference. Offering intelligence on the voice and IP telephony markets and on the emerging technologies, architectures, and applications that are changing the face of enterprise voice networking.

Custom Events

CiscoWave+Networkers 2005